Golden Buddha: The First Novel of the Oregon Files

Craig Dirgo & Clive Cussler

Juan Cabrillo's first adventure with the Oregon-a state of the art spy ship disguised as a nondescript lumber hauler-takes him and his crew into dangerous waters, as they try to put Tibet back in the hands of the Dalai Lama by striking a deal with the Russians and the Chinese.

Cabrillo's gambling chip is a golden Buddha containing records of vast oil reserves in the disputed land. But first, he'll have to locate-and steal-the all-important artifact. And there are certain people who would do anything in their power to see him fail...

  • Readers will burn up the pages following the blazing action and daring exploits of these men and women and their amazing machines.

    Publisher's Weekly
  • Fans of Cussler will not be disappointed.

    Library Journal
  • Sailing the high seas with Cussler once again. Cussler's first mate on the computer, Craig Dirgo, also copilot for The Sea-Hunters (1996) and The Sea-Hunters II: More True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks (2002), signs on for his first tour as same for Cussler's fiction, joining him in a new paperback series featuring the Oregon files.

    Kirkus Reviews
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