The Einstein Papers: 1999

The Chinese recover a theory that could change history!

The Einstein Papers is the action-packed story of Special Agent John Taft, who undertakes an urgent mission to recover lost papers of the great Albert Einstein. Dirgo gives us a fictional glimpse into the life of Albert Einstein and creates the brash but likeable Special Agent Taft, who also appears in The Tesla Documents. Both novels are worldwide in scope, frightening in impact and thrilling to the last page.

  • Overall, the writing is breezy and clear, the action is constant and the weapon developed from Einsteins theory is credible and fascinating ... this is an entertaining debut that should definitely appeal to Cussler fans. 

    Publishers Weekly
  • A surefire page-turner...Dirgo has created an outstanding hero in Taft.

    Abilene Reporter-News
  • Very entertaining...A fast-paced action-thriller

    Midwest Book Review
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