The Cristos Parchment

Does fact follow fiction to the Presidency of Venezuela?

John Taft, Special Agent with the National Intelligence Agency, returns for his final mission for the United States anti-terrorism force. Taft, who was near death at the end of The Tesla Documents, has seen disturbing images while in a coma. Are they real or imagined? Is the world he serves a vastly different place from what he has always believed? Can he ignore his ever growing cynicism for the machine he served and perform this last mission? While Taft grapples with self-doubt and even self-delusion, he is thrust into the center of a major world event.
Can a private intelligence corporation rig an election in South America as repayment for actions against an American oil company using elements from a pot-boiler novel? Will the leaders of the major Christian religions be able to withstand contradictions to their beliefs? Has the actual heir to an ancient family finally decided to come forth-and if so-why now? As always, against incredible odds John Taft works to find the answers. At the end of his mission, he is surprised by what he finds and who has been steering the events-and Taft will need to make a life-altering decision.
Is there another way he can work for the good of his country?
Fast paced and large in scope, The Cristos Parchment takes John Taft in an entirely new direction. 

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